Musings on my adventures around the world and my ties back in Texas as well as some of the the ideas I have to adapt and create to keep those places close to home.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Craft project

22 December 2007
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The other day my sister and I were paging through a magazine and found an advertisement of a necklace that was made out of the end of an old silverware handle. Then the next day as I was helping to sort through a bit of my dad's "playhouse" I found some of the handles that we had leftover from making windchimes. Voila, a new project. Turns out I do remember how to use the drillpress, the small grinder/polisher (that has a specific name but I don't have a clue what it is) and learned how to use the belt sander. And now, with the addition of some ribbon and clasps I've got some necklaces that I think look pretty good. Not bad for a couple of hours work!

Friday, December 21, 2007

A family resemblance

More fun with the family pictures...I think these two photos show who I got my looks from! You wouldn't guess now that mom and I looked so similar as babies.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Old family photos

This past week we've been sorting through quite a few things in the house, but my favorite has been some of the old family pictures we've come across. I have to say that I love this one of my mom. Who knew I had such a hot mama!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

lessons from dad

The past week has been a bit rough. I rushed home due to my father’s rapidly deteriorating condition (we went from “dad’s going in for surgery” to “you need to come home and January won’t be soon enough” in a week). But the last few days by my father’s side really made me think about all of the things that my dad has taught me and given me in my life. He hasn't so much articulated these lessons, as let me know that these are the things I should always strive to do by his example and by his expectations. So below are ten things that dad has taught me, and although I’m sure there are plenty more things he has given to me this gives a pretty good idea of just what my dad was about.

1. Never give up! (This sort of goes hand in hand with never quit) This meant that even if I got frustrated or hit a wall and didn’t know what to do next I just had to persevere until I got it figured out. IT definitely helped to teach me to think outside of the box.

2. Anything that you start you need to finish. Sometimes this means that I had to do things that I didn’t especially want to, always had to finish a season for a sport, had to complete the things I was starting. It’s nice to realize that at this point that type of sheer stubbornness has gotten me through many an activity.

3. Actions speak louder then words. If you know my father at all you’ll understand why I say that. I always know he loves me even if the words were not often offered. When the words began to be spoken recently I knew that things were not going so well.

4. There is always a way to make a project better. In reality this meant that I’d come to dad with an idea that I wanted to replicate expecting some small project which then usually was translated into a more complex thing...but always ends up nicer then I ever expected.

5. Innovation and creativity are fun. Curiosity is a wonderful thing. If something no longer works then you might as well open it up and see what made it go originally. You never know what you’ll discover if you start to pay attention to the things around you.

6. I'm strong enough to do just about anything that I put my mind to. Being a woman is not an excuse for being able to do something. You may just have to think outside of the box in order to accomplish it.

7. I can always depend on myself, independence is an acquired trait. It might have been hard when my parents dropped me off at camp for a month and told me not to call, but I learned that I was okay on my own.

8. There is no sense in saying you can't do something, if you practice it long enough it and consistently enough you will achieve the ability . When I was little dad used to sit and practice soccer skills. It was left foot, right foot for hours on I don't even think about it. This is definitely a lesson that has served me well whenever I attempt to start learning a new skill.

9. You might seem to ignore people sometimes but you always keep track of what is going on. Then when it really matters you do know all the information and have a way to help them out if they need it. And you should always provide help when it’s needed.

10. Family is important. You can always depend on them to be around and support you when you need it. Sometimes I thought it was crazy that my parents were at every soccer game I played in, but I knew they were interested in what I was doing. When people were saying “you’re going where?” I knew I could depend on him to be curious and supportive about my new destination whether it was in Africa, Turkey or beyond. That is a gift that is without measure.
Dad has influenced and shaped my life in so many ways. He may be gone now, hopefully to a place where he no longer feels the pain from his cancer, but he will never be forgotten. I can’t forget a man who had such an impact of the type of person I’m growing up to be. I love you daddy. Rest in peace.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Rest In Peace Daddy

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James Edward Carlstead, 67, of Buda passed away at MD Anderson in Houston Texas, December 4th, 2007.
He was born in Keytesville, Missouri on September 25, 1940 to Francis Pauline and George William Carlstead.

A 20 year veteran of the Air Force, Jim performed many duties for his country including running radar evaluation squadrons; officer in charge of a missile site “on the front line of the cold war”, a member of the Air Force and National Rifle teams, and gunsmith. He graduated from the Air Force’s Office Candidate School in 1963.

In 1980 he started Carlstead Truck Sales, which did business in the Buda, Texas area for 27 years. He served on the Hays Youth Athletic Association Board from 1987-1989, was a member and officer of the Austin Rifle club, coached the UT Rifle Team for 10 years, and enjoyed square dancing with the Waterloo Squares.

He is survived by his wife of 36 years, Ellen; his daughters Cristi Carlstead of Istanbul and Sara Carlstead Brumfield of Austin, a son-in-law Ben and a granddaughter Josie.

The funeral service will be Thursday, December 6 at 7PM followed by a visitation until 9PM at St. Anthony Marie Claret Catholic Church, 801 North Burleson Street in Kyle, Texas. Graveside service will be held at 9:45 AM Friday, December 7 at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio.

In lieu of flowers memorials can be made to the University of Texas Rifle and Pistol Club; c/o Lee Patterson; 2112 Guadalupe St., Room. 512; Austin, TX 78705 or to the St. Michael’s Academy Endowment; 3000 Barton Creek Boulevard, Austin, TX 78735.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

prayer for the day

So its been a bit of rough's the prayer to guide me through...

Lord, grant me the strength to change the things I can
The courage to accept the things I can't
And the wisdom to know the difference