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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hair braiding day 21

Whenever I decide to do a fish bone braid I always realize two things. One: that this seems to be the one type of braid I have not gotten any faster at despite doing it for several years. Two: that I'm not really sure I have the patience to do it well because it really only looks great if you take small pieces to move and are consistent in the size you pick up; neither of which I'm good at. Besides my arms start to get really tired whenever I do this! I thought to do an abbreviated version today, although I'm not sure it was any less work than any other fish bone.

Style 21: Half up half down with fish bone

Fairly simple hairstyle today in theory. At leat until my arms got tired. I collected a section of hair from the front, and did a fish bone until it reached the middle of my head. Clipped that in place to keep it from falling out. Then did the same thing on the other side. Collected both pieces and banded them together. If I was going to dot his again I would probably try to keep my fish bone going a bit longer so that it would (1) go all the way to the band and (2) could hang a bit looser. But hey, there's limited time when you hit the snooze button. You can see the fish bone a bit better in this one:


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