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Friday, March 22, 2013

Hair Braiding: Braid around a ponytail

The hardest part of this braid was getting a good part into my hair while still being able to keep the rest of it in a smooth ponytail! This is just an easy way to dress up a ponytail if you're willing to have it hang slightly off to one side.

Style 34: Braid around a ponytail

Holding your hair in a ponytail run a fine point through to separate the hair you want in a braid from the ponytail. Put a rubber band around your ponytail slightly off to one side. French braid the hair that is down, being careful not to collect hair that is in your ponytail. Braid from over one ear down and around to underneath your ponytail. Then braid out the end. Wrap the braid around your ponytail and attach it underneath. 

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