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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hair braiding: finish it with a flower

This is another braid I got from Pintrest. It looked simple enough (which was true) although I'm still not convinced it looks like a flower. It did stay up well and just added a bit more detail to a simple braid.

Style 33: Finish it with a flower

Start by collecting the hair on one side that want you to have in a braid. Braid it (no picking up or anything) pulling towards the center of the back of your head. I always braid it all the way out and attach a clip on the end to hold it. do the same thing with the other side. Collect the two braids where you want them to meet and attach them with a small rubber band. Undo the braids that are after the rubber band so that you can combine that hair into a single braid. Loosen it up by pulling on sections of hair. Attach the end with a small rubber band. Twirl the hair around, when you get close to the end tuck it underneath your circle (sorry, flower) and pin it in place. it's hard to see from the angle in the picture but it added a nice flourish to the braids. Plus it stayed in no problem all day.

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