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Friday, March 15, 2013

hair braiding: meet in the middle 2

This is rapidly turning into my travel hairstyle. It stays up well and doesn't seem to bother me when I try to sleep on an airplane. Really anything that can survive a 24+ hour trip has to be pretty good.

Style 32: meet in the middle 2

I start by dividing my hair down the middle part. Then complete a normal french braid on one side trying to angle myself towards the middle. Typically I pick up hair about six times before I'm roughly where I want my braids to meet. Once I've added hair six times I braid what is in my hand out and stick a clip on the end to hold it. I then do the same thing on the other side. Once I have two braids done I pick them up and hold them in one hand where they (come close to) meet. I release the clips and then pull the one strand from each braid (that are the closest to each other where my hand is) to make one new strand. The other two strands on each side also combine together to form new strands. Then it is just a normal french braid with the rest of the hair.

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